Careful Tips on Choosing the Workplace
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Careful Tips on Choosing the Workplace

April 24, 2018  |  counseling

For those of you who are looking for work. You certainly already have a myriad of plans in job hunting, and look for strategies to pass in the desired work selection. And you should be ready to compete with thousands of people out there who are also looking for work.
Do not waste your time working in a company that is not right, it will make you lose the opportunity in building a career and also the future.
For you job seekers, to realize a career in the dream you should know the following things:
1.  Examine well
Do not let you work for a company that does not have good credibility and is also unfit for future career and career development
2.  Salary in accordance with the Regional Minimum Wage (UMR)
The Government has specifically formulated policies related to UMR. Where the amount has been adjusted to the needs of living in the area concerned. Make sure the company that you will enter has been running regulations related to payroll well & properly.
3.  Clear recruitment system
A good company will certainly have a good and systematic recruitment standard, where it will apply to every employee applying to the company.
4.  Career path
Every employee hopes to have a better career path in the future, make sure the company you are going to have clarity about career ladder.
5.  A healthy and open work culture
Be clear about the work culture that is applied in the target company. In order for you to have a picture of the environment and also the working conditions there.
6.  Adequate health insurance
It's important to know which workplace you want to have health insurance or not, because you will not know when you'll get sick.
7.  Work facilities are proportional
This is often even a special consideration for someone in choosing a company where he works. choose a company that has and provide adequate supporting facilities, making you not have to bother to provide the facility itself.
8.  Work rules that comply with the law
Know the rules! A good company is a company that operates in accordance with the provisions and also the applicable law. So that the welfare of employees is also guaranteed and protected very well.

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